3 Workers’ Comp Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Claim

When workers are injured while on the job, they may turn to their employers for help. Through the company’s workers’ compensation program, an employee may be able to secure compensation to pay for healthcare bills and take time off to recover from their injuries. However, some mistakes during the filing process can seriously endanger an injured worker’s chances of receiving compensation.

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Mistake #1: Withholding Information from Your Doctor

When your doctor inquires about your injuries, you should tell him or her exactly what happened and what you were doing at the time. This can help the doctor diagnose your injuries more accurately in order to report your injuries for a compensation claim.

Mistake #2: Failing to Fill Out Injury Reports

Some workers may not file the correct papers after an injury because they do not think that these reports and files are necessary. However, basic paperwork can improve a person’s claim as it can provide evidence of the accident at the time of the injury.

Mistake #3: Allowing Your Employer to Handle Your Claim

When an employee trusts their employer, he or she might assume that the employer will ensure the success of the compensation claim. While some employers may fight for benefits for their employees, it is typically best to handle the claim yourself with the help of a dedicated attorney.

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