Dental Health

When people think of workers’ compensation cases, they often think of broken or amputated limbs or digits, severe organ damage, or serious loss of a major sense. However, many workers‘ compensation cases involve injuries that are much more common and obvious. When circumstances cannot be controlled, safety procedures simply may not be enough to stop a worker from falling or hitting their face, which is usually unprotected, against a hard surface or object. In these cases, dental damage can wreak havoc on that worker’s personal health if it is not treated quickly and professionally.

If you have sustained injuries at work that have altered the health of your teeth and your employer refused to help you, you should speak with an attorney. Contact the Fayetteville workers’ compensation lawyers of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC at 910-488-1600 for more information.

Types of Tooth-Related Injuries

Dental health plays an important role in the overall health of the human body, as well as playing a major role in contemporary society’s view of aesthetically pleasing attributes. The following are injuries that can be sustained at work that may jeopardize your dental health:

  • Loss of a tooth
  • Damaged or infected roots
  • Severely damaged or chipped teeth
  • Damaged or infected gum

These injuries can compromise your wellbeing if they are not addressed in a timely manner by a professional dentist or oral surgeon. Depending on the severity of the injury, procedures could require you to take a prolonged amount of time off of work, which could put your financial livelihood at risk.

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