Electric Shock

Electricity is an integral part of almost all of our professional lives, and the use of electronic devices in the workplace is so widespread and commonplace that it can be easy to overlook the danger that improperly maintained electrical devices and utilities can present. Factory and construction workers are at a much higher risk of exposure to dangerous electrical conduits, but sufficiently negligent practices at any place of employment, or in the design and manufacture of an object, can put you at risk of injury from electrical shock.

Various injuries can occur as a result of exposure to an electrical current, and some of them can be caused by the current in a common domestic power supply or wall outlet. Care should always be taken to ensure that risk of electrical shock is minimized.

Symptoms of Electric Shock

Exposure to an electrical current can cause extreme injury and even death under some circumstances. The three most common effects of an electrical shock are:

  • Burns – The heat generated by the body’s resistance to current can cause serious burns, and higher levels of voltage can cause burns to internal organs.
  • Heart Fibrillation – Exposure to even a wall socket voltage can result in ventricular fibrillation, a condition in which the heart muscles act spasmodically rather than in concert, and poses a significant risk of death if not treated quickly.
  • Nervous Interference – Electrical current can disrupt the body’s control over vital organs such as the heart and lungs, posing serious health risks.

Any of these injuries may require emergency medical treatment and could conceivably limit an individual’s ability to work for a period of time. Workers’ compensation benefits can help to ensure that an employee does not suffer undue financial hardship as a result of an electrical shock sustained in the workplace.

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