Grounds Maintenance Workers

Although grounds maintenance workers comprise only 1% of the U.S. labor force, they are involved in 3.4% of workplace injuries. This disproportionate number of injuries is due to the dangers inherent to the job. Grounds maintenance workers spend much of their time outdoors, working on machines or with motors, and driving.

To illustrate the dangers of working as a grounds maintenance worker, one need only check the fatality rates for this job. Between 2003 and 2008, more than 1,100 maintenance workers died on the job, which averages out to about 190 deaths per year. For the decade prior to this, there were an average 101 deaths per year. Not only is maintenance work a dangerous job, but it does not seem to be a job that is making progress in safety practices. There are close to 20,000 serious injuries among grounds maintenance workers every year.

Types of Injuries

There are many ways that a grounds maintenance worker could be injured while on the job. Some typical injuries include:

  • Water injuries
  • Shock
  • Injuries while working with mechanical items
  • Falls
  • Auto accidents
  • Burns

One of the most common accidents among grounds maintenance workers is to be hurt while working on trees. Most of these accidents are caused by falling limbs. 17% of maintenance workers injured in an accident need 31 days or more off of work to recover.

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