Scheduled Disability for Fingers and Toes

Many workers face conditions that can endanger their fingers and toes. A dropped sheet of metal, slammed door, heavy piece of wood, or collapsing piece of machinery can pose a serious danger to workers’ digits, even if the workers are using protective equipment. In some situations, the force of the fall or weight of the object can be so great that digits are damaged beyond repair.

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Dismemberment Schedules

A lost finger can be extremely detrimental to productivity. Without a finger or a toe, a worker may find their work much more difficult, as manipulating objects or losing the additional point of balance can become troublesome. In these situations, workers’ compensation can provide an employee with time to recover and undergo physical therapy to regain a sense of comfort with his or her body’s functionality.

The time given can range in the following ways:

  • 60 weeks for a thumb
  • 35 weeks for the first finger, and 5 fewer weeks for each finger to a 20 week minimum
  • 40 weeks for a big toe
  • 15 weeks for each other toe

This time can provide employees with valuable recuperation. Resting and recovering allows an employee to return to work feeling comfortable with himself or herself and prepared to enter back into his or her line of employment.

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