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Sadly, some of the most egregious workplace accidents result in long-term or permanent disabilities. When you’re left with a serious, long-term disability, it’s easy to feel lost and frightened. Your disability may make future employment impossible. You may not know how you’ll support your family and what will happen to your children.

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Long-Term Disability

A serious injury can result in you being permanently unable to work. This may mean the inability to support your family and to seek employment in the future. You shouldn’t have to face this challenge alone. Your employer should have some form of disability coverage. In order to qualify for the coverage, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have worked for your employer for a certain amount of time
  • You must be a full-time employee, usually working at least 30 hours a week

Long-term disability coverage is one of the most important benefits your employer offers. According to studies, about 3 in 10 workers will suffer an injury or illness that causes them to miss over three months of work. At least 60% of these injuries occur at work.

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