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Construction projects require a wide range of machines to complete any given task, as the materials are often too heavy for a group of people to safely or effectively move on their own. As projects can range from small bridge work to the full construction effort that goes into building a new skyscraper, the use of a crane can be essential to many construction teams. While these are important tools in the construction process, they also pose a serious safety threat to anyone in the area if not maintained or used properly.

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Types of Crane Malfunctions

As they are used by most construction crews, cranes are generally large machines put to work to do a crew’s heavy lifting. In any situation, this means that cranes are particularly heavy machines that have an extended area of use, as the arm can stretch out great distances. The following accidents can occur during the operation of a crane:

  • Tipping or falling over from improper weight distribution
  • Improper installation or construction
  • Dropped or falling objects
  • Worn or broken cables

These accidents can prove extremely dangerous to nearby workers. Considering the scale of these machines, any major accident has the potential to be deadly.

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