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Electricity is a dangerous necessity for the modern world. Although the use of electricity has persisted for centuries, the hazards of electrocution on a construction site have not necessarily lessened. Between electric charges used to power large machines and wiring systems being put into place by a trained crew, electricity is one of the constant factors at a work site. Whether due to an accident or a laborer failing to properly maintain a machine, construction workers are particularly susceptible to electric shock.

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Potential Electrical Hazards

In the modern workplace, there are several methods that can help warn workers about a potentially dangerous situation. In particular, known electrical problems should either be fixed immediately, or a warning sign or notice should be posted that indicates the safety hazard. The following electrical hazards can arise on construction job sites:

  • Uncovered or open wires
  • A charge connected to a wet surface or into a pool of water
  • Broken or malfunctioning machinery

Although electrocution can have tragic consequences, it can also cause severe damage to the heart and the skin if the shocked person survives the influx of energy. Perhaps one of the largest worries concerning electrocution is how quickly a charge can offset a person’s regular heartbeat, potentially stopping the heart altogether.

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