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With all of the machines and tools in use on a major construction job, maintenance is a serious concern for worker safety. Considering that each machine may require a specialized knowledge of its proper use and what signs of wear look or sound like, maintenance can be as simple as changing out defective attachments or as complex as performing major part replacements.

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Maintenance Needs

The result of a failure to maintain a particular tool or machine can be disastrous not only for those using that device, but often for those in the nearby area as well. Thus, when on a construction site, it is important for everyone’s safety to regularly check the working order of each machine prior to heavy use, making adjustments when necessary. The following problems should be especially noted:

  • Uncovered or open wires
  • Loose or shaky joints
  • Unexpected engine noises
  • Jerky or inconsistent performance

As a defective reciprocating saw can be extremely dangerous to a worker, major machines like cranes and bulldozers can be potentially deadly if not properly maintained. Machines, whether large or small, need to be in proper working order with their basic safety mechanisms in place in order to promote safe operation in a work zone.

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