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When construction or repair work begins on a standing structure, workers may need a stable platform to use while working on the building. Throughout history, the scaffold has been used to complete this precise task, although, as the years have passed, the materials used have become safer. Modern scaffolding in the United States consists of interlocked metal poles as well as wood boards that give workers the ability to actively work at any level on a building. While necessary and certainly safer than more extreme alternatives, scaffolding can still produce horrific collapses if the basic scaffolding structure fails.

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Causes of Scaffolding Collapse

When a scaffold collapses, there are many potential outcomes. In some situations, a defective connector or broken board may throw a worker to the next platform down, which can cause serious falling injuries. More extensive collapses may bring entire sections down, causing even more catastrophic injuries to any workers caught on the scaffolding or in the path of destruction. Collapses can occur due to issues such as:

  • Defective connectors or poor welds
  • Defective or weak floorboards
  • Failing foundations
  • Broken ties

As scaffolds are very rarely treated as free-standing structures, the ties used to connect a scaffold to a building are essential to proper safety protocol for most scaffolds. If these connectors are not correctly installed or are forgotten altogether, a scaffold can become significantly more dangerous.

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