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Lifting a large amount of materials or a particularly heavy object should not necessarily be a safety issue so long as the lift is done properly and does not ask too much out of a single person or group of people. In situations where it may be more appropriate for a machine to do a certain amount of heavy lifting or where an employee cannot get in the appropriate lifting position, injuries may occur that can cause serious harm to a worker’s muscles. In particular, back injuries are a devastating and common result of improper lifting.

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Causes of Back Injuries

Lifting requires proper technique and a common sense approach to what is feasible given a person’s physical capabilities and level of fatigue. If a worker is not in a position to complete this task safely and is still expected to move or lift a heavy object, the result may be injuries in multiple important muscles of the back. The following scenarios can lead to back injuries:

  • Lifting objects that are too heavy
  • Lifting in awkward or improper positions
  • Lifting without a proper grip

Injuries caused by improper lifting can result in serious harm to the back, which may affect a person’s ability to stand, sit, or walk. The ability to perform work duties can be seriously affected by these injuries, which often require physical therapy or extensive rest to overcome.

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