Fayetteville Lifting Injury Lawyers

Many workers in the manufacturing industry can expect to encounter labor-intensive tasks on a daily basis. Whether this includes high-speed assembly work or moving large parts into place, manufacturing workers are susceptible to a variety of different work-related injuries. When their job begins to take on more strenuous physical requirements, these workers may suffer serious injuries from lifting heavy materials.

Workers’ compensation can assist injured workers with substantial coverage for medical costs and lost wages. Contact the Fayetteville lifting injury lawyers of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC., (910) 488-1600 for more information.

Major Types of Lifting Injuries

The human body contains an amazing system of muscles and tendons, allowing people to complete everyday feats of strength with few problems. However, this tough tissue can become strained over time or suffer an injury because of lifting excessively heavy objects. The resulting lifting injuries generally strain the areas where the most pressure is directed, meaning that the body’s core muscles tend to be most affected.

The following are common forms of lifting injuries:

These injuries can range from serious tears in muscle tissue that require intensive physical therapy to minor strains that can still render basic tasks too painful to complete. In many instances, treatment is limited to conservative recovery strategies, including rest and regular stretching. Surgical options are often reserved for the most damaging injuries or ones in which the muscle has been injured in a very specific way.

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Given the recovery programs typically associated with these injuries, injured workers may need to take significant time off of work to heal. In these situations, workers’ compensation benefits may be available. For more information regarding your rights if you have been injured on the job, contact the Fayetteville lifting injury attorneys of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC., by calling (910) 488-1600 today.