Fayetteville Shoulder Injury Lawyers

Many workers in the manufacturing industry must routinely move heavy objects by manual force. Lifting these objects can place a significant amount of stress on the body, particularly in the shoulders and back. Although the human body is surprisingly resilient, lifting a heavy object can often prove simply too much to bear. Injuries caused by lifting these objects may damage the muscles and joints in the shoulder, requiring a substantial recovery period and costly medical treatment.

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Damage to the Shoulder from Lifting

Serious injury may occur when an employee puts a significant amount of weight on the shoulder, causing damage to the joint. With the bone, muscle, tendons, and other parts all connected to facilitate easy movement, the shoulder is particularly susceptible to injury.

The following may be suffered following a lifting accident:

  • Bursitis from repetitive lifts
  • Muscle tears
  • Dislocation, with any trauma from a dropped object
  • Rotator cuff tears from repetitive lifts

Depending on the severity of these injuries, an employee may require a significant recovery period to return to working strength. Especially with muscle and joint injuries, time is often considered the best medicine, leaving injured individuals potentially out of work for weeks or months. In more extreme situations, surgery may be required for a full recovery, often increasing the length of the healing period.

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