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Although safety standards have improved drastically over the years, the fact remains that certain types of manufacturing work can be extremely dangerous. When mistakes of any kind are made, employees may find themselves in hazardous situations that can claim their lives. In these tragic times, the family left behind may face difficult circumstances while trying to deal with their overwhelming grief as well as the serious financial difficulties that often accompany a person’s unexpected passing.

An accident at work that causes a loved one’s death can create truly difficult times for those left behind. Contact the Fayetteville wrongful death lawyers of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC., today at (910) 488-1600 for more information regarding your legal options if you are facing these hardships.

Catastrophe and Compensation

The time following a fatal accident can be a truly strenuous and difficult experience for anyone to go through. However, at some point, a family needs to begin to think about the future and what comes next. Workers’ compensation for surviving family members may be able to help with a family’s financial concerns. Compensation may be available to families to assist with:

  • Medical treatment and care costs
  • Payment for burial and funeral expenses
  • Lost income that the deceased would have earned

Many of these compensation options can be extremely useful for families trying to deal with their loss, providing financial stability so that the family can focus on their emotional recovery.

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If you have lost a loved one, the future may seem unclear and even bleak. However, there may be benefits provided by your loved one’s employer that can assist you in these difficult times. To learn more about wrongful death compensation, contact the Fayetteville wrongful death attorneys of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC., by calling (910) 488-1600.