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Repetitive motion injuries are a fairly common form of damage to the body that can significantly impact a person’s ability to complete even basic tasks. These ailments often affect athletes, but they are also common among construction and factory workers. Like other repetitive motion injuries, bursitis can cause a great deal of pain and warrant short-term disability benefits in order to provide suffering workers with adequate time to recover.

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Areas Commonly Affected by Bursitis

Bursitis is a condition involving inflamed bursae. Bursae are fluid sacs located around the body’s major joints which regularly assist movement. When inflamed, motion in these areas becomes painful and difficult. Sufferers often cite stiffness in these areas as well as general sensations of pain. The following joints are most commonly affected by bursitis:

  • The knee
  • The hip
  • The elbow
  • The shoulder

Bursitis may develop because of the requirements of a particular job. As a result, compensation may be available if a worker is injured due to the stresses of his or her work duties.

Treatment for bursitis usually includes a sufficient resting period for recovery, the periodic application of ice to reduce swelling, and anti-inflammatory pain-killers. In addition to these standard treatments for swelling, an inflamed bursa may become infected. If infected, a full antibiotic regimen may be required. In the most extreme cases, surgery may be used as a primary means of treatment.

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Workers’ compensation benefits help give injured workers the chance to take a sufficient amount of time off of work to recover. If you have been injured because of the repetitive nature of your work, you may be eligible to receive benefits. To learn more, contact the Fayetteville bursitis attorneys of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC., today at (910) 488-1600.