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With repeated strain and stress, the tissue that connects a particular muscle to a bone may grow inflamed. Known as tendonitis, this condition may leave sufferers with a burning sensation around the affected tendon, which can turn into outright pain after physical activity. Occasionally, this injury may even swell up, turn the area around the tendon red, and even produce knots around the tissue. As a result, these injuries may impact a worker’s daily performance, requiring him or her to take action to relieve symptoms.

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Treatment for Tendonitis

Repetitive motion injuries such as tendonitis are often handled with relatively conservative treatment options. Although surgery may be an option in the most extreme cases, the vast majority require regular rest and treatments focused on soothing inflamed areas. The following tendonitis treatments are often employed in order to promote comfort and natural healing:

  • Ice packs
  • Compression of the area
  • Elevation of the area
  • Braces, orthotics, and supportive pads
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen

Even though the symptoms related to tendonitis may not seem like much of a reason to miss out on valuable work time, this injury requires time spent healing in order to prevent further, more painful agitation. This injury can seriously reduce a person’s ability to complete even simple tasks, especially if his or her work requires any substantial amount of physical labor or endurance.

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